Tips for Composing a Happy Birthday SMS

Happy Birthday SMS: Short & Sweet Messages for Your Birthday Buddies

There was a time when a happy birthday SMS was seen as an impersonal or cold way to wish a friend or family member a happy birthday. After all, SMS does stand for ‘Short Message Service’Happy Birthday SMS…which is exactly what a text message is.  Straight to the point, avoiding any need for regular conversational pleasantries.

That’s not the case anymore. With smartphones now becoming the norm, believe it or not…texting has now exceeded the traditional telephone call in popularity.  For some people, sending SMS messages are a preference over phone call.  With the addition of built-in cameras, that basic SMS can now have a picture or video added.  As a result, it has become commonplace to send their happy birthday wishes via SMS, whether it be a short note or comical picture.

I know that in years past, I’ve spent hours picking out just the right card for a friend or a cousin, only to have it get lost in the mail, or arrive long after their birthday has passed. On the other hand, sending a text is convenient, and given the fact that most folks’ cell phones are an extension of their arm these days, they’re sure to receive the message.  Smiling and hugging happy face emoticons too!

Tips for Personalizing a Happy Birthday SMS

Even though birthday texts are now a socially acceptable method of delivering birthday wishes, it can still come across as cold if you don’t personalize it. Always include your friend’s name in the text, along with a quip about that nostalgic event, maybe one you’d both like to forget. Think of that last time you had terrible bean burritos together, or maybe it was a car breaking down or a memorable rollercoaster ride?

Happy Birthday SMSOften, when a friend is inundated with standard “Happy Birthday!” messages on their phone, and on social media sites like Facebook, it can have the opposite of the intended effect, making the recipient feel as though no one cared enough to acknowledge them personally.  Don’t be one of these folks.  Take the time to keep it a bit personal!

The simple addition of the birthday honoree’s name, and even their age, can go a long way toward alleviating that feeling. The purpose of a happy birthday SMS is to make your loved one feel instantly special, so take the time to add a few extra letters to ensure that feeling gets across. You’d be surprised what a big difference that can make.  Think of how you like receiving those special messages throughout your birthday!

When to Send a Happy Birthday SMS

Equally important in communicating that feeling of celebration and goodwill to your friend is the timing of your text. Too early, and it can feel like you’re just getting it out of the way because you received a notification. Too late, and they may think that you’d forgotten about them, or were too busy to take even a moment to send them a message. Unless you and your friend have a running competition to see who can congratulate who the earliest, there is no reason to text your friend at one minute past midnight.

If you don’t know your friend’s schedule, you also want to avoid sending a message too early in the morning. We all love being wished a happy birthday… we may not, however, enjoy being woken up at six o’clock in the morning to receive it. Aim for late morning or early afternoon. Don’t wait until late evening or that night or your heartfelt message will seem more like an afterthought. If you do happen to forget, however, don’t offer excuses as to why you’re texting so late. They’re unnecessary.  When would you like to have those birthday texts start rolling in?

Tips on Writing an SMS for Happy Birthday

The best happy birthday SMS is one that comes from the heart. You have limited space to work with, as many cell phone carriers assign a length limit to texts, but that doesn’t mean that your short message can’t be packed with sentimentality, humor, love, and well wishes. Feel free to use “text speak” and abbreviate words to fit more into the message. It’s socially acceptable, and a great space saver.

happy birthday smsReminding your friend of a birthday that you spent together in the past can drum up pleasant feelings of reminiscence. Telling a short joke, or dirty limerick, along with your wishes for a happy birthday will instantly put a smile on their face. In my experience, the cornier the joke is, the better the reception will be. Avoid mentioning anything not related to either the birthday or a shared memory/joke. A happy birthday text isn’t the place to remind your friend of a favor they owe you. That’s just tacky.

Sending a picture or video message, or MMS for you technophiles out there, is another great way to both personalize a text and make it more interesting than a run-of-the-mill “Happy B-Day, bro!” Make a silly face and add it to your humorous text. If you’re texting a significant other or close family member, you could snap a pic of yourself holding up a sign that says “Happy Birthday, I love you!” or making a heart shape with your hands. You could even search online for a funny or cute birthday-related picture and attach it to your message. The options are endless.

Whether you choose to send a sentimental or a funny happy birthday SMS, keep it personal and on-topic. Keep that birthday text concise, sweet, and sincere. Your loved one is sure to love it, and your happy birthday SMS will stand out from the crowd.

written by Ashley, birthday July 24th

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