The Basics Behind Birthday Ideas for Men

Coming up with a few Birthday Ideas For Men

So, where do I start?  Well, obviously I am here to write about, and not that briefly, about some birthday ideas for men that actually work… or party ideas that actually sound good in theory.  There are a few basics to stick to, so read on and let me know if I missed anything.  birthday ideas for menWe’re not talking cake, fancy invitations, or games here.  Just ideas!

OK, let’s begin shall we?  Now when we talk about birthday ideas for men, “you” (the people planning the event) have to first consider the man for which whom the event is for.  There are some questions that need to be answered first, and foremost.  Now bear with me for a second because, I’m going to follow each question with some banter that will jog the mind a bit.  Call it part of the introduction.

Question #1. Who is this man who you want to surprise with some sort of birthday gift?
Let’s think about that for a minute. Is he the type of person who is a recluse?  Or is he the type of guy who never really thinks too, too much of his birthday?  We all know a lot of those guys.  Or is he the guy who does it up real big for his birthday, but not every year?  Hmmm….. interesting, no?

Question #2. What does this guy like, or what are his wants?
I ask this question because of a simple mistake that people make 90% of the time when it comes down to picking things for a guy’s birthday. It is Imperative that you DO NOT GET A MAN WHAT HE NEEDS FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! I can not stress that enough. The ONLY way you get a guy something he needs for his birthday, is if he harps on something all the time, and he NEVER makes the time to get the item for himself. Period.

birthday gifts for menQuestion #3. Will this man re-gift, or keep your gift even if it sucks?
Hey, the truth of the matter is, guys don’t normally bicker, or complain about a crappy gift, but one of two things WILL happen to it. One, it might find it’s way to a dusty hole in a wall, that already houses the hideous sweater that Aunt Jackie gave him two Christmases ago. Or two, depending on what it is, it just might find a purpose as something completely different from what it was intended for. Real Talk people.

Last Question. #4. Will your friendship with this great guy suffer if everything you worked so hard to pull off, goes to Hell in a propane soaked hand basket?
Listen up for a second. Like Steve Harvey, and plenty of other “Male Knowledgeable Gurus” have always said, “Men are extremely simple creatures.” If a guy has the means to get what he wants legally, then somebody else getting it for him, is simply a bonus in life. You would really, really need to be confident that what you want to do for this guy, is not only going to great, but a long lasting, and unforgettable moment. I mean that in a good way. With all of that said, let’s get to the meat & potatoes of the situation here.

Tips on Choosing Birthday Ideas For Guys

There are plenty of great birthday ideas for men out there to consider, but one main factor to put into the equation is his age. Whether it be a gift, or a party, or a simple get together, it has to be age appropriate. Here’s what I mean.

Example:  Let’s just say the person you’re planning for is about to turn 21, and we all know that, that age is the usual turning point in a man’s life. So what do you do? From angle do you approach this?  A typical 21st birthday idea for a guy is normally based around sex. Yes, I know, I know, but we’re guys, and sex is a part of our lives. I’ve thrown a fair share of 21st birthday parties at a really nice club, bar or lounge. 21st birthday party ideas for menYou have to remember that 21 is “Golden Age” where drinking is officially allowed, and getting a free lap dance on your buddy’s dime is customary.

Another great 21st birthday idea for a guy gravitates around a man’s next favorite thing after sex. No, not food, cars!! Why not set up an all night shindig that involves, a limo, a good place to eat, and then maybe head over to a local Go-karting facility, to drive the night away. It may sound corny, but it works.

Being that we’re on the subject of age for a moment, let’s consider a higher age bracket. We’re looking at the seasoned veterans now. The Big 40. Yes. What would be some good 40th birthday party ideas for men? Let’s take a moment to think about it. (Cue the Jeopardy music please.)

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

So, you have a guy who’s turning 40, and you need to know what kind of party to throw for him. Well, the main thing you need to know is, “Is he still a party type of guy at this age?” Normally a 40 year old guy’s birthday party will consist of these main items.

  1. 10 – 20 Well known & good friends.
  2. Subtle, but yet great tasting alcohol, and food.
  3. Music that is Not Too Current, but has a mix of what everyone is comfortable shaking a leg to, if they feel so inclined to do so.
  4. A very comfortable venue. Where the party is held, is key to everyone showing up, and how well clean up goes, after everyone is gone.
  5. Lastly, a “Toast Man”. Being 40 is a solid milestone in a man’s life, and if you can have someone who is great with words & humor, it will make the birthday guy feel like he’s 21 all over again.

So, what have we covered thus far?  We went over the key questions you would need to ask yourself before you decide to spring any gifts, or parties on an unsuspecting birthday man. We went over some hopefully, helpful birthday ideas for men, as well as touching base on some of the finer points regarding birthday party ideas for men. I think for the most part, you are covered.

With this little bit of insight, I hope that the next guy to be thrown a birthday bash will never forget it, and I mean that in a good way. So, I bid you fair well, good luck, and Godspeed. May your wishes come true, and dreams become a positive reality, that does nothing but inspire the world to do great things. Until the next segment have fun & be safe.

written by Lawrence, birthday November 26th

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