Ten Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

Introducing Mark, and his Birthday Ideas for Men

Through our scavenging of the internet for great birthday party ideas for guys, we found Mark.  He’s a plush little fellow with a bit of charisma in front of the camera. We liked him enough to hire him for a minute to outline a few birthday ideas for men, since he kind of is a ‘man’.  You have a friend’s birthday coming up, maybe not a friend but a dad, husband, brother or boyfriend.  Regardless, you are desperate for ideas on what to do this year…which is why you are here.

Have no fear, we have Mark here to outline 10 great birthday ideas for guys that should resonate with the upcoming guest of honor.  This isn’t any kind of Letterman list, and by no means are these in any particular order…just some good mens birthday ideas for your mental digestion.

Top Ten Birthday Party Ideas for Guys!

#10 Picnic in the Park!

Sure it’s something he might like as one of those activities he would not typically do on his own.  Assuming you’re a lady planning this event, maybe it’s a romantic date for just the two of you… or maybe a family gathering where he can toss around the ole pigskin with a few nephews or coworkers.  Cake and a BBQ don’t sound too bad for an afternoon birthday party.

#9 Shooting Gallery!

As a guys birthday idea, shooting anything is an easy way of asserting manhood.  We aren’t saying that high powered weapons are required here.  Nerf shooters would work, as would waterguns.  Those irritating clown faces at the nearby amusement park could probably use a squirt or two.  Setting up bottles on a fence, or even a target on a hay bale for an archer’s skill demonstration could also work.

#8 Car Racing!

birthday parrty ideas for guysGuys like cars, plain and simple.  These cars could be fast or crash into each other (bumper cars anyone?).  Cars, competition, and craziness all work here.

I totally forgot…what about horse racing and a day at the track as one of those essential mens birthday party ideas?  Gambling, cheap beer, cigars…how could you go wrong?

#7 Golf!  Maybe mini-golf.

A day out in the sun on the course, marching around with a few good friends with drinks in hand is a great birthday idea for a man.  I haven’t found a mini-golf course out there that serves anything other than ice cream and a jumbo sized cola, but I am sure with a little creativity you can come up with something to make up for the lack of performance reducing beverages.

#6 Sit and watch football, baseball or hockey!

For a birthday idea, this really is a little lame as an activity to plan for.  Your first thought of sitting around at home on the sofa doesn’t need to be the case.  Yeah a couple bags of Doritos and a flat/case of beer might sound like a celebration, but you can really do better.


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