Ten Birthday Party Ideas for Guys…continued

And for the Final 5 Birthday Ideas for that guys birthday party

#5 Beer tasting

birthday idea for husbandIf not a birthday beer tasting, maybe scotch or some potent whiskey is more his speed.  Beer tasting is right up my alley and with tasty microbrew pubs popping up all over the continent, a few flights of beer at a local establishment would be and ideal event in my books.

Scotch to me tastes like gasoline, but to each his own.  This tasting definitely needs to be done with a few buddies present, and can be a very fine man birthday party idea.

#4 The Strip Bar

Also know as ‘The Peeler Joint’.  OK, granted this is something that is better suited to the younger group of guys looking for an excuse to attend such establishment.  Likely not something suited for all.  Boobies seem to be something that us guys do like though.  Be sure to have that stack of singles ready!

#3 Road Trip, anywhere!

The chance to get out of town, chow down on some greasy diner food in some small town and just get away from the nagging household chores is what I am thinking of.  When was the last time a spontaneous trip came up?  Buy your birthday guy a gas card, a mapbook (yes, you can still find them in places like Walmart) and hand him the keys.

#2 A day of fishing

Ah, how delightful.  A serene and quiet day on the river banks trying to lure those elusive beast swimmers on to the end of your line.  How about heading out on a boat for either a little lake fishing or an open water ocean adventure?  I been on many a fishing birthday party before, but can’t say we caught much.  Regardless, for a group it’s one of the better birthday party ideas for guys out there.

#1 To be James Bond!

Granted that there are only a select few guys out there that can legitimately lay their claim to actually being James Bond, the rest of us can always pretend a little.  mens birthday ideasYes, we’re talking a theme party here with toy guns, girls in slinky dresses, and all the typical casino entertainment options.  Poker or Roulette, Casino Royale anyone?  Remember to get your birthday invitations out early for this one.

So that’s what we’ve got for birthday party ideas for guys.  We aren’t going to tell you how to make that birthday happen, how much to spend or exactly where you want the celebrating to take place.  We’re here to just kickstart that brain of yours into a frenzy of guys party ideas that will work.  Good luck with the party, and if that birthday party turns into a raging success…why not share your experience in our birthday ideas forum, just so a few other people can pick up on a few juicy tips.

written by Chris, birthday November 15th


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