Ten Birthday Ideas For Her Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Women

Here we are again, looking to offer up a few birthday ideas for her, which could be your girlfriend, wife, sister…maybe even your grandmother or best friend.  Think back to what you might have done last year for that special lady’s birthday event, and what you might want to do to make this year even more special than the last.  I’ve got 10 birthday suggestions here that could help with planning.  Keep in mind that these are just the foundation for birthday ideas for her.  You’ll have to come up with the unique details that make the birthday party all yours.  In case you’re scrolling quickly through here, we broke this up into two subheadings…but all these ideas are worth a read.  Here we go!

The First Five Birthday Ideas for Her

Number Ten – An Afternoon Brunch. We’re not talking about a big soiree here, just a nice intimate brunch with a few close friends where she can chat and catch up without dance music blaring in the background.  Birthday gifts can be handed over and opened in relative peace.  Maybe there’s even a free birthday dessert in there that could cap off the meal.  Birthday Ideas for WomenFinish the day off with a walk, or an afternoon of relaxing and sipping tea.  Believe it or not, this is what we did on New Years Day!

Number Nine – Have a Picnic.  Sure this is along the same lines as the above noted brunch, but here you’re moving the venue out to a nice natural setting instead of the greasy diner you might picture above.  Make it a romantic one-on-one event, or a whole family affair.  Add in a few birthday games and activities to keep the kids preoccupied and you can have a little adult time.  If it’s a little chilly outside, you could still make it a fun snow day.  White wine stays nicely chilled in the snowbank, and mitt warmers do a fine job of keeping your hands and feet warm.  I think spending a little quiet time in front of a fire is best though.

Number Eight- A Pin-up Girl Boat Party!  This may seem a bit specific, and over the top, but why not look at a mobile venues for your party.  A mobile venue could be a boat, limo, or even a hayride…if you’re into that.  As for the pin-up girl theme, what we’re suggesting is getting everyone in costume for a themed event.  If you’re looking for birthday ideas for her 30th or 40th birthday, costumes are great for pictures and memories that will last a very long time.  Suddenly I have images of a pin-up girl hayride birthday party…maybe I’ll save that for next year.  Besides, when was the last time you dressed up for a birthday party?

Number Seven – A 70’s disco and fondue party.  Find yourself a few fondue pots and melt up some chocolate for some friendly conversation and food dipping.  ladies birthday ideasThis is a great way to almost coerce your guests into interacting over food prep and keeping that chocolate warm.  Keep the afro wigs to a minimum as that synthetic hair can get into everything, and no one wants to find a long curly black hair on their freshly dipped strawberry.  Decorate accordingly though, and offer up prizes for best costume if your guests need further convincing to dress up.  If it’s only birthday ideas for her 16th that you’re looking for, Rebecca did a piece up on Sweet 16’s which has a bit more modern take on the disco party theme.

Number Six – A Roller Skating Party.  If you’re lucky enough to still have access to a roller rink, why not have your party at one of these classic venues.  Unless you just happen to have your own skates, the rental options might be a little broken in and decor a bit dated, but that disco ball will never go out of style.  Could you rent a gym, or might you know of a warehouse that has those smooth concrete floors?  Ice skating also works as a birthday party idea, if you’re into that.

The Final Five Ladies Birthday Ideas

Number Five – A Bowling Night.  Admittedly, this seems to be more traditionally one of those birthday ideas for her guy…but ladies can have just as much fun.  Think that if you have to drag a few guys out too, this might be an option that could entice a few men to the party as well.  Birthday Ideas for HerMake it a 5-pin night, neon bowling, classic bowling shirts, custom team bowling gear…maybe a bowling trophy for a present… she could have a lot of fun with it.

Number Four – Wine, Chocolate or Dessert Tasting!  Ladies like to discuss most anything, so why not keep your ladies birthday plans focused around something that they love, and can talk about?  Certainly there must be a restaurant around that has an obscenely long list of desserts that would keep any group of taste-testing ladies happy for hours and hours.  If not, then why not host the birthday tasting event at your place.  Make it a potluck style event, where everyone brings a dessert, chocolatey treat, or hunk of mysterious cheese for everyone to share in.

Number Three – A Karaoke Party.  Granted this thought came from my girlfriend because she loves to sing.  It was when looking for family friendly birthday ideas for her 35th that forced me to get a little creative.  Get a few friends together and have some old-time singing fun!  We will typically head out to a local karaoke bar, where only some of us will get up there and sing a ditty or two.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a singer yourself.  Just grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the show.  If you’re wanting to try this birthday event at home, YouTube has an amazing collection of karaoke versions of songs, at which point all you need is a mic for show and a decent enough sound system to drown out the sounds from those not so vocally talented individuals.

Number Two – A Shopping Spree!  Arrange a limo ride to the mall for her and a few friends, and either give her access to your credit card or a stack full of cash and let her run amuck.  This birthday idea would likely appeal to most anyone, but there’s only a few of us that could really make that work.  Maybe try a stripped down version if you’re a little more budget conscious.  How about a 50 dollar shopping credit at a store that sells everything for a dollar or less?

Number One – A Relaxing Day at a Spa.  Regardless of whether she is overworked or not, a day at a spa to get her nails done along with a massage gets her that necessary ‘me’ time to recharge for the rest of life’s drama.  Birthday Party Ideas for HerSurprise her with a birthday cupcake at the spa, just as a little extra something that makes it not just another spa day.  How about a gift certificate to her favorite salon, if she’s not into showing strangers her feet.  You know her best..

You don’t need to stop with just one of these ideas.  How about combining a few of these birthday ideas for her, or variants of them, into a full day of birthday activity.  Start with a birthday brunch, and follow it up with an afternoon of shopping…then some rejuvenation at the spa.  With her all prettied up, head on out for a night of karaoke at a dessert bar.  Hey, if you can make all this happen over the course of a single day, you’re venturing on birthday god-like status.  Might be best to capture that all on video, because no one would believe you could somehow squeeze all those birthday ideas for women into a single 24 hour period. Spend a little time boiling down a few birthday ideas for her and make every last detail perfect.  Good Luck!

written by Chris, birthday November 15th

We also have a quick recap for you non-readers out there.  Mark does a great job in all of thirty seconds discussing the above birthday ideas for women.  Check it out!

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