Loads of Ideas for Free Birthday Stuff

How to Get Free Birthday Stuff

Every year, roughly a month before my birthday, I scavenge the web to see what new birthday ideas there might be for free birthday stuff I can get. Many different places around North America will offer you freebies or discounts either on your special day or on your special day and a couple weeks before and after! free birthday stuffBelieve it or not, I’ve gotten free specialty coffees, free dinners, free desserts, free lip gloss, vanilla body wash, and free gift baskets (among lots of other things) just because I was born. In total, it valued upwards $200 for three years of free birthday stuff. Keep in mind, though, that these are only the things that I redeemed, and there are many other things I could have gotten for free or for cheaper (there’s only so much time, though!). For example, if you live in Vancouver, then Cypress Mountain offers a free ski/snowboard lift ticket on your birthday—unfortunately, I had class until late into the evening on that day; otherwise, I would have been all over it. (On the note of Cypress Mountain, they also have a very cheap birthday package for groups of eight, including food!)

As many of you don’t live in Vancouver, it would be most prudent of me to not list all of the savings you could have here. Instead, I’ll focus on places that are abundant around North America that offer birthday discounts, and it’ll be up to you to find local venues that will offer a birthday deal. The safest way to find out would be to simply check the website of places you’re interested in—do a quick search for “birthday” and the company’s name—or give them a call and ask. It would also help if you create a Word document or write all of the places down in a notebook, so that you remember for future birthdays and can add onto the list when needed.

Free Birthday Stuff Your Kids Will Love

Since it’s harder to plan time off from school for your kids so that they can gather all of their birthday freebies, it would be fun to just make a day out of all of the freebies that they can get. free birthday mealAlthough you can simply show proof that it’s your birthday for a lot of the free stuff on your birthday, for many of them you’re going to have to sign up to receive their emails or get a membership card. (Don’t worry, signing up is free, too.) You could start your day off at IHOP, where their breakfast will be free; then move on over to Children’s Place, where you’ll get to spend $10 on anything (You’ll be emailed a $10 coupon off of $10). If you’re child isn’t ten years old yet, then head over to Toys “R” Us where they will get a free gift card and an in-store celebration complete with balloons and a birthday hat! For even more birthday fun, Chuck E Cheese will give your child free tokens to play with on their birthday.

You could bank on not cooking at all on your child’s birthday. There are many more places where you could go to get free birthday stuff for kids, but another fun one is to go to Burger King after your kid has picked out a cool new toy for a free kid’s meal. To finish the day off, head over to Baskin-Robbins for a free ice cream or to Cold Stone for a buy-one-get-one free ice cream! (Who ever said that you can’t indulge, too?) Most of these free birthday deals will apply to you, too (except for the kid’s meal and the Toys “R” Us one, of course). So even after they’re in their teen years, they can still enjoy these free birthday deals, and so can you!

Treat Yourself to Free Birthday Stuff

The free birthday meals from Denny’s and iHop will apply to you, too, but if you aren’t interested in those locations, then you’re in luck! Red Robin will provide you with a coupon for a free birthday burger after you sign up to their mailing list; if you’re in the mood for pasta or pizza, then East Side Mario’s will email you a coupon!

For free birthday stuff for adults, I love Sephora. Not only will signing up with them rack up points for you whenever you shop there, but they’ll give a free birthday surprise every year (this year, the surprise for women was worth $34!). They offer a different birthday surprise for men every year, too. Plus, the points that you rack up with the free Sephora membership card will earn you another free item.

more free birithday stuffFor a night out, most clubs will offer free cover and birthday shots for you and a group of friends and many strip clubs will offer a free lap dance. Additionally, there are many places which will offer you free dessert with your dinner or a free drink; the key is to call and ask. Although searching through forums and threads on the Internet will give you a large list of places, there will always be something that’s left off the list, and it’s up to you to find it! (For example, the aforementioned Cypress Mountain one isn’t mentioned anywhere—until now.) Satisfying your sweet tooth can also be relieved with the free stuff on your birthday, places like Boston Pizza and Dairy Queen will give you a free dessert and Red Robin will usually give you a free birthday ice cream. There are many places that claim to give you free birthday stuff, but it’s usually $5 worth of something and not worth the gas money or energy; determining what places offer free things in a certain neighborhood is the key for getting the most bang for your time (and not buck)!

written by Rebecca, birthday December 3rd


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