Kids Birthday Party Games

Kids Birthday Party Games to Fit Any Venue

Kids birthday party games aren’t just limited to indoor venues. While there are many fun games that can be played indoors, there are also many fun birthday party games for kids that can be enjoyed out in the sunshine – or even in the rain! No matter where you’ve chosen to host your celebration, you can find the perfect game to keep your guests entertained.

Kids Birthday Party Games Indoors

There are so many fantastic options for indoor kids games. Board games are a classic choice, and are available for almost any age group. Crafting sessions have become increasingly popular at birthday parties, and allow the kids to show off their artistic side, as well as have something personal to take home to remember the party. kids birthday party gamesGet some construction paper, elbow macaroni, glitter, and other supplies and have the children make a picture. You could also grab a stack of old magazines and some kid-safe scissors (if the children are old enough, of course), and have them cut out letters and pictures to make a birthday card for the guest of honor. Interactive card games are a hit for older children, as are dancing and singing games on consoles like the Wii or the Xbox 360 Kinect. Hide and seek is a fun choice for kids of any age, but remember to set some ground rules: no leaving the house, no going into the adult rooms, etc.  Adults need to have a little fun too!

Kids Birthday Party Games Outdoors

A bright, sunny day is a wonderful setting for some fun birthday party games for kids. The outdoors lends itself well to active games, like sports. Older kids can play baseball or even tag football. kids birthday gamesYounger children pay prefer to just toss a ball back and forth. If it’s a particularly hot day, why not add some water fun to the repertoire? Turn on the sprinklers and let the kids run around in the spray. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, just whip out the water hose. You can even let the kids spray one another with squirt guns, or fill some balloons with water…maybe even colored water for more fun!  Remember to offer plenty of hydration during outdoor parties. Keep snacks light if at all possible;  melons and other fruits are a great choice. Avoiding heavy foods while the kids are being active may prevent belly aches for them later in the day. I’m sure their parents would appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Kids Birthday Party Games at Public Venues

The first rule when organizing party games at a public venue is to speak to someone in charge. Before planning any games, you’ll want to find out what, if anything, is prohibited at the location. Some places may not allow balls to be thrown, for example. It would kill the fun mood rather quickly if the whistle were blown on their game before they could have their fun. Many public sites also have a maximum number of party members, so you’ll want to be certain that you have this information. What a disaster it would be to have to turn away children because the party is full! If you can, check with the local authorities prior to your event and get a copy of the rules of the venue in writing. Run your ideas for the games by your contact and get their thoughts. Giving that consideration will be appreciated, and it never hurts to have a cooperative manager on your side.

Kids Birthday Party Games in Inclement Weather

If you’re planning an outdoor birthday party, it’s a smart idea to be prepared in the event of inclement weather. Imagine a bunch of kids, sitting around inside with nothing to do, disappointed that their day of planned fun is ruined. kids birthday gamesThis can really put a damper on the party – literally and figuratively – so have a backup plan. Having a few board games on hand can help in a pinch, but the children aren’t likely to be impressed by Candy Land when they were expecting kickball. Rain doesn’t have to mean that the games move inside. There are some games for birthday party for kids that can work just as well in the rain, such as tag or dodge ball. Keep a big bag of old play clothes in various sizes, so you’re not sending kids home to their parents in ruined clothing.  Keep the towels handy and some nice warm drinks for when the kids come inside.  We don’t have any suggestions on how to deal with the muddy mess afterwards though.

Get organized, be prepared, and remain flexible; it’s not hard to make fun birthday party games for kids  if you follow those three cardinal rules. You’ll be a pro at this in no time. Your friends will come to you to seek advice from the kids birthday party games guru!  Maybe for even a few tips on birthday games for grown-ups too.

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