Ideas for Birthday Balloons

Creative DIY Tasks for Birthday Balloons To Wow Your Guests

When people talk about having birthday balloons at a birthday party, the immediate thought that comes to mind is a few multi-colored balloons tied together and left in each corner of the room. Sometimes these inflated rubbery spheres are even tied to chairs, or there’s the possibility of a couple of foil balloons added to the mix with uninspiring wording in cartoonish fonts reading “Happy 30th Birthday”.  ideas with birthday balloonsAdmittedly, it’s difficult getting out of the mindset that balloons are simple birthday decorations and not to be thought about after they’ve been blown up.  Sure, a birthday party isn’t really the same without balloons (for children at least), but unless in your face… a birthday balloon will likely still go unnoticed most of the time.

You can be the person in your group of friends to make that change. The possibility of creating temporary art pieces with balloons that will wow your guests is in your hands, and many of these birthday ideas are quick and easy to do!

Most people know that children enjoy tossing balloons back and forth or filling balloons up with water on a hot summer day and throwing them at each other. But there are possibilities to create a game that kids, teenagers and even adults can enjoy too. Additionally, there’s the possibility of making your balloons the primary decoration for your party.  If you happen to be able to pull of a Balloon Party Theme, that really could be a bargain!

Games with Birthday Balloons That Teenagers Will Love

If your child has grown out of enjoying the clowns that can create a shape out of a birthday balloon, then you might want to take it a step further and make paint balloons. It isn’t difficult to do, but it can get messy!   Buy paint bottles from Wal-mart or the dollar store (they shouldn’t be more than a dollar each).  ideas for birthday balloonsIf you’d like, you can dilute some of the paint with water so that it will fill more balloons. Blow up each of the happy birthday balloons and then quickly pour the paint/water mixture into it using a funnel. With these new, handy paint balloons, there are two fun activities that you can do.

The first and easier activity is to buy a big canvas and allow the guests to throw balloons at it, making a balloon painting! It goes without saying that you’ll probably want to do this outside, unless you’ve heavily taped an entire room with newspapers or plastic. If you aren’t planning on buying too much paint, then this would be a fun surprise for just the birthday kid as well.

The second activity that might take more planning is to make dozens of paint balloons, buy some used clothing for the guests along with safety goggles, and inform them of the rules of paintball. You can even take it up a notch and add a twist to the rules so that they won’t run out of balloons too quickly. For example, each balloon could have one of five different colors in it, and the winner of the game could be the first person who has all five colors splattered on them. Or the balloons could be hidden in various places in your backyard, and they’re encouraged to go and look for them. You could also have the winner be the person with the least amount of paint splatters on them.

Decorating With Birthday Balloons

Using balloons as your primary decoration can create a variety of settings, from fun to classy—however, you might want to consider looking into buying or renting a balloon pump if you’re planning on having many of them. If you’re looking for a classier setting, aim for glossy balloons and stick to two complementary colors, like silver and blue or gold and coral. On the other hand, for more fun decor, try to target pastels, neon colors, or simply the bags of balloons that have several colors in them.

bunch of birthday balloonsWith your blown up balloons, one of the balloon arrangements you can have is to utilize your wall in conjunction with the balloons. (This can be any wall, but it’ll be equally impressive if you only have twenty or so balloons above the snack table or bar.) What you’ll need are the balloons and some tape; simply tie the end of the balloon with a short piece of ribbon and tape that to the wall. Keep repeating this process until your wall is filled with balloons.

For personalized birthday balloons, have several sharpies near the balloon wall with a sign that asks the guests to leave a note on a balloon. Hopefully by the end of the party, you will have a guestbook balloon wall with sweet messages to the guest of honor! Another way to make the birthday balloons more personal is to simply let helium-filled balloons fly to the ceiling, each balloon tied with a piece of ribbon. Have a Polaroid camera lying around along with a hole-puncher and encourage your guests to take pictures of each other and tie the ribbon around the newly developed picture. Before long, you will hopefully have a room full of balloons and hanging photographs of your party!

Quick and easy balloon designs can include using the birthday balloon as a centerpiece, complete with tinsel, ribbon, and other décor, weighing them down with sand or rocks; purchasing clear balloons and filling them with glitter and confetti before blowing them up; or using the balloons as lighting. In order to use the balloons as lighting, put a glow stick into each balloon before blowing it up. With these glowing balloons, you can either have them as floating orbs in the pool or thread a string through the ends of the balloons and create a garland. Whether you decide to make a game out of these balloons or create a classy setting, your guests will probably look at birthday balloons in a whole new light.

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