For this year, my birthday wishes are…

Turning those Birthday Wishes into Reality

I’m sure most of us have a split-second of hope after blowing out the candles where we think our birthday wishes will come true. To this I say, “Why can’t it come true?” I’m not sure what most people wish for as I don’t have the ability to read thoughts yet, but if your wishes are like mine then they’re either material or in lines of a New Year’s Resolution. If it’s the former and you happen to not get it for your birthday, then set up a reward system for yourself where that material thing is the prize! Want that weird new Wii that looks like a tablet and a controller? If you follow through with achieving that high grade, losing those 10 lbs, visiting the homeless shelter x times in a month, or whatever you’re striving to achieve but keep putting off, then you can have it. Not only will this be more satisfying for you after you get it, but your parents or lover also won’t feel bad for splurging on this useless device for you.

If it’s the latter and your wish is similar to a New Year’s Resolution, then you’re really wasting your time wishing about it. This is one of those situations where you are truly the only person in the whole wide world who can give you what you want. Get to it! Maybe by your next birthday, you won’t even know what to wish for because you’d already been so great with these rewards systems and taking care of yourself and your needs.

Predicting What Their Birthday Wishes Are About

If you have kids, then it isn’t very difficult to determine what they’ll be thinking of while they’re blowing out the candles. You could really split the birthday wishes for kids into a few categories: If they’re under the age of 11, then they’re going to want some fun, new toy. birthday wishesAsk their best friend, their cousins, or look online if you don’t have any ideas—odds are they’ve mentioned it in conversation at one point or another, so if you’re perceptive in the weeks sneaking up on their birthday then you’ll give them a good surprise. There’s something even more magical about thinking that someone didn’t hear or notice something said in passing, and then having whatever was said in passing materialize later after you’ve wished for it! 
   However, if your offspring have reached their teenage years already, then you’re really going to have to go off of their personality, but generally there is going to be something that they “need” during these years. It’s absolutely imperative that they have these objects, and if they don’t get it then the world will end. Not actually, but this is the fact of the matter in their eyes. If it’s simply not feasible to buy them this object, then a gift card to the place where they could buy the object would be a smart choice. This way, you’ve paid for the sort of “down-payment” of whatever it is that they want, and they can sort out the additional expenses themselves. This is sure to get all of their birthday wishes messages across, or at least hint at it.

Knowing How to Give Proper Birthday Wishes

When attending an adult birthday event, it won’t be as easy to present sugar-coated statements as sincerity. But don’t fear, a little goes a long way with age as they now cherish the value in love rather than money. birthday wishesIt’s safe to say that happy 50th birthday wishes are both easier and more difficult: easier because you don’t need to spend too much money on an extravagant gift but more difficult because it’ll have to be from the heart. If your heart is too full for words, then you can simply give them some inspirational birthday wishes; maybe something along the lines of how you’re hoping that their upcoming year will be full of lots of wealth, good health, and an abundance of happiness. Sometimes determining the birthday wishes messages is even more difficult than the gift bought like a passing thought. So, you will have to keep in mind that a message from you rather than a plagiarized poem or quote will likely be received with many more feelings. All-in-all, don’t worry too much about the words being said or the presents given; the odds are in your favor that the good company, with you included, is the major portion of the birthday wishes—at least under the surface.

written by Rebecca, birthday December 3rd

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  1. Sharee December 15, 2012 at 12:30 pm Reply

    I totally agree with this. Kids will surely love a toy that they subtly hinted, teens will prefer money so they could buy what they really like, and adults appreciate a good company on their birthdays. I enjoyed reading this.

    • Jonathan Emanuels December 16, 2012 at 8:55 pm Reply

      I agree with the comment you made. Most of the time children will focus on one wish. When they become teenagers they have more wishes. With money they have more time to choose what wish is going to come true.

  2. Steven December 15, 2012 at 8:03 pm Reply

    I think every kids are looking for various kind of toys and want to play with those things.
    And on their birthday they always looking for some gift.
    Your ideas are really good.

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  4. hinakhu December 20, 2012 at 9:31 am Reply

    awwww thts a wonderful read! no matter how old u get a simple sincere wish always lights up your day. earlier it used to b phonecalls n papercards. now it can be on facebook or a text at midnight! lil gestures make all the difference!

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