Creative Birthday Decorations for the Next Party!

Getting Creative with Your Birthday Decorations

Setting up your home or rented venue with birthday decorations is an art; not only do you need to be comfortably familiar with the personality of the honoree, but you also generally need to have good taste…at least as far as the birthday guest is birthday decorationsNaturally, there are those who simply buy the multi-colored balloons, the “happy birthday’ banner, and plain paper napkins with matching sterile-looking plastic plates.  There is so much more to decorating than that though.  Coming up with ideas for birthday party decorations can be a fun project done together with the birthday boy or girl, if the event isn’t a surprise.  Just the activity of picking a birthday theme and decorations can be a show of your exquisite taste in elegant designs, or a creative themed layout.

You can make your party come to life by simply choosing decorations that both serve their purpose and also are a point of conversation or entertainment.  For example, the table cloth can not only protect the table… but could also be an all white plastic or wax backed paper, with clusters of paint pots as the centerpiece.  A few brushes, or fingers, and suddenly you have a bunch of messy and happy kids.  For easier cleanup, cover the table with craft paper and scatter crayons for the kids to create a spontaneous art piece.

If you’re out of ideas, then websites like Pinterest have an array of ideas popular amongst people as they’re uploaded by the people themselves—don’t be afraid to discover or create something unique!

Birthday Decorations Using Material On Hand

Although age does play a role when it comes to choosing a decoration, you can still repurpose material used from your child’s birthday party as your wife’s 30th birthday decorations. For example, if you made hanging flower garlands as a colorful addition for your child, then consider lacing the garland with LED light strings for unique outdoor lighting. birthday balloon decorationsOr, if you had too much paper leftover from invitations you made at home, then consider creating party hats for your kids birthday decorations.

It’s all about what you have on hand and what you are able to do with it…even MacGyver had birthdays!  If you find that you don’t have anything that can be repurposed, or that is suitable, then a little shopping will have to come into play. For the younger generation, aim for colorful decorations, and if they can entertain themselves then it’s that much better! Try coming up with games that they can play using the decorations, for example hot potato with the balloons or a scavenger hunt with the party hats with each hat containing a treat or a party favor under it.

There are some cases where an adult would be interested in having this for their party, but you’d be much safer going for a simpler, classier approach. Again, having a theme for the party and choosing your decorations around that would simplify things a great deal. It would also be helpful if the adults could distinguish their drink from that of another guest. Try painting the bottom of your wine glasses a different color so that people can find their glass (you can also simply have cheeky wine glass charms, or ornaments hanging off of each glass).

Fun and Elegant Birthday Decorations

If you’re looking for a cheap, effortless, yet elegant solution to your decorations, then you needn’t look further than your backyard (in most cases). Nature is a safe way to create a rustic and welcoming feel—the best part is that it’s free, too! If you’re looking for birthday decoration ideas, flowers picked from your backyard will give your party a homier feel or you could place tea-light candles surrounded with pine cones on a rectangular dish. DIY birthday decorationsAlternately, if there won’t be drinking (or you have an excessive amount of wine glasses), then a simple elegant décor would be to turn your wine glass upside down over a flower and light a candle above it.

For children, birthday party decorations should be bright and colorful. It would give an extra kick if their decorations were themed as their favorite cartoon; for example, if they love Toy Story, then have a Toy Story station complete with the boxes labeled like they were in the movie and all of the accompanying toys. You could even go so far as having a baked potato for lunch with colorful vegetables and meats stabbed with a toothpick so they can create their very on Mr. Potato Head. For birthday decorations for girls, you can have Barbie cupcakes with edible glitter (simply mix food coloring with sugar and bake) so that they can decorate their own Barbie sweets.

Keep in mind that if this is all too much work and if you feel you will spoil the birthday for yourself due to exerting this much effort on decorations, then don’t. Your guests and the birthday person are most likely not expecting decorations that are above and beyond, but if you have the extra time then it can make a huge difference. Since they are only there to accent your party and not be the party, simple plates and the necessities will work just fine. However, if you do spend the extra time (and not money) on the birthday decorations, then it will shine through and you’re sure to be thanked repeatedly for the efforts!

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