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18th birthday ideas

Most Excellent 18th Birthday Party Ideas

The Underlying Message Behind an 18th Birthday Every teenager dreams about their 18th birthday! That’s the day when they are officially accepted by society as an adult. In fact, in most European countries, eighteen is also the age that they’re legally able to start purchasing and consuming alcohol, plus join… Continue reading »

50th birthday gift

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50th Birthday Gift Ideas: Pick Out the Perfect Present It’s common to be stumped when trying to come up with 50th birthday gift ideas. This is a pretty major milestone in the lives of most people, so the pressure is raised to come up with something both memorable and amazing!… Continue reading »

Happy Birthday SMS

Tips for Composing a Happy Birthday SMS

Happy Birthday SMS: Short & Sweet Messages for Your Birthday Buddies There was a time when a happy birthday SMS was seen as an impersonal or cold way to wish a friend or family member a happy birthday. After all, SMS does stand for ‘Short Message Service’…which is exactly what… Continue reading »

custom cake toppers

Decorate with Birthday Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers Aren’t Just for Weddings One of the best things about preparing your own cake is that you get to pick the decorations.  When it comes to birthday cakes, most people decorate with loads of icing and candles, but rarely with cake toppers! Why not?  Maybe it’s because cake… Continue reading »

free birthday cards

Where to find Free Birthday Cards

Time-Friendly, Free Birthday Cards Normally when it’s someone’s birthday, you get so caught up with deciding on a present that you forget about the card; fortunately, the Internet and your PC can provide you with thousands of free happy birthday cards! (But you will probably only need one.) I’m not… Continue reading »

DIY birthday cards

Only the Best Birthday Cards are Made by You!

Skip Hallmark and Create Quick, Personal Birthday Cards Cards for all events, not excluding birthday cards, are either overpriced and impersonal or cheaper at a discount store with an equally unimpressive message. This shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone, since these cards are generally made to suit all personalities and… Continue reading »

19th Birthday Cake

19th Birthday Ideas for Guys

What’s shaking everyone, and welcome to another informative segment.  My name is Lawrence, and I will be your guide for the morning/afternoon/evening…whenever you’re finding a few minutes to do this work unrelated research apparently for a 19th birthday. So in this little slice of informative, but sometimes funny article,… Continue reading »

Birthday Ideas for Women

Ten Birthday Ideas For Her Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Women Here we are again, looking to offer up a few birthday ideas for her, which could be your girlfriend, wife, sister…maybe even your grandmother or best friend.  Think back to what you might have done last year for that special lady’s birthday event, and what… Continue reading »

beeswax birthday candles

The Real Skinny on Birthday Candles

Last-Minute Birthday Candles Although they are the second most important part of having a birthday cake, during the planning process birthday candles are often forgotten. This can be rather troublesome if time has run out and you’re preparing to take out the cake soon and sing Happy Birthday.  All isn’t… Continue reading »

Birthday Pinata

Birthday Piñatas or Birthday Pinatas?

While browsing the web for birthday pinatas for birthday decorations, we ran across Meaghan. Being as she was a local gal, we had to ask if she might be interested in educating the rest of us in how to make a great pinata.  In addition, we thought she might confirm… Continue reading »