Birthday Party Themes for Adults

Birthday Party Themes for Adults That Work for You

Coming up with birthday party themes for adults can be the most fun when planning the party, but it can also drive you nuts. There are always advantages and disadvantages with certain ideas, you just need to find out which disadvantage you can make work for you and your guests. Coming up with a theme can be as simple as telling your guests that they have to wear a certain color (e.g. a Black and White party) or dress like they’re from a certain era (e.g. a 1950s party), or even a classic TV show.

birthday party themes for adultsWhatever you choose, it would make most sense—and probably be most fun—if your decorations and food matched the theme! If we’re going to go with the color theme, consider serving White Russians, white wine, and Jack & Coke for birthday drinks with caviar as an appetizer and dark chocolate cake for dessert. Black and white decorations speak for themselves, but you could, for example, have a white tablecloth and black napkins or black chair covers with a white bow on the back of it, or even white roses in a black vase as a centerpiece. The details aren’t too important as long as you stick to the theme!

Birthday Party Themes for Adults Based on a Game

When choosing a theme, you could really get two birds with one stone if you bundle the theme together with related birthday party games for adults. This way, you’d be providing entertainment for the guests (or I suppose they would be too, with their themed attire) while having the types of birthday party decorations and food narrowed down to a minimum. Many parties can be awkward with minimal interactivity; this is especially the case if you have a diverse group of friends and family who have little in common or come from different cultures. The best way to counteract this problem is to “force” them to talk to each other without them realizing that they’re being forced. Themed costumes provide easy talking points for strangers to strike up a conversation.  In addition, there are many interactive games you could choose, but the best one which would fall right in line with a themed party is a Murder Mystery event.

birthday party themes for adultsJust to clarify, if you haven’t been to a Murder Mystery before or know how it works, you and each of your guests would get a role in an imaginary setting, for example one guest could be the waitress and another could be the sheriff–you’re given your role well in advance of the party and you’re expected to dress the part. At the beginning of the party, each person is given a list of objectives (it’s different for everyone) and they’re supposed to achieve those objectives before the death of the chosen character. The second half of the game is a set of accusations and detective-work on everyone’s part to try to figure out who killed the character.

Murder Mystery parties can take a bit of planning, but there are several different ways to do it. The more expensive way is to hire a group of actors to join your party and take care of the roles you and your guests will take on; you won’t spoil the endgame for yourself in this way (i.e. who the dead character is and who “killed” them). If you’re not interested in dishing out several hundred dollars for the night’s festivities, then you can purchase a game with the setting online—it’ll come with the plot and a set of characters (you can choose the size of the party and it’ll give you the appropriate number of characters). This is considerably cheaper and falls in the $30-$50 range.

Basing Your Food and Decorations on Birthday Party Themes for Adults

birthday cake ideasComing up with the birthday party checklist becomes a lot easier when you already have your theme chosen, because instead of looking at thousands of variations of things, you can narrow it down to things that fit the theme. If we’re going to go with the Murder Mystery party, then each party comes with its own separate theme already. If you were to have a 1920s Murder Mystery party, for example, you could have your venue decorated like Old Glam Hollywood or a casino and ask each guest to dress like their designated role. Consider supplies like a red carpet for the entrance or a homemade mug shot background for picture-taking. You could look into typical 1920s foods, but easy pickings are finger foods, shrimp cocktails, and finger sandwiches.

To make it a little more interesting, after you hand out the birthday drinks you could enforce a drinking game. For example, there is a money exchange in almost all Murder Mystery games, so perhaps make the character drink every time they bribe someone into giving them money or accuse someone.

Since it might be a little difficult to make sure that everyone’s focusing on the game while enjoying cake (at least in my case), it might be best if you don’t serve the birthday cake until after the convict has been announced. The design for the cake could even loosely be based on the theme; for a 1920s cake, you could have a simple elegant cake, perhaps with edible pearl embellishments, old-fashioned vanilla frosting, and strawberries or chocolate in the middle (or anything else—vanilla works so well with everything). Birthday party themes for adults can come in many different flavors, and it will help you when writing out your birthday party checklist—at least for the minor details for the decorations!

A Birthday Party Checklist Will Make Your Life Easier

Choosing a theme or foundation for your party will make a world of a difference when creating your birthday party checklist. If you’re hosting a potluck party, then you no longer need to worry about food; if you’re hosting a game-themed party, then you no longer need to worry about entertainment; and if you choose to base your party on a part of the world, then you’ll know what kind of foods and decorations to focus on.

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