Birthday Party Supplies

Pick Your Birthday Party Supplies According to the Theme

For most children, their birthday is the most exciting day of the year (next to Christmas), and part of the reason why this day is so special for them is due to their birthday party supplies! It’s easy to get confused or stressed when you’re trying to plan a party, especially when you want it to be memorable. birthday party suppliesAnd then they’re all of the little things you need to remember! The napkins, the plates, the birthday balloons, the piñata, the party favors—these all contribute to the mood set for your child’s birthday. One thing that will lighten the load a bit is if you pick a theme and stick to it! Now, you don’t actually need to come up with the theme yourself (although you can, if you want to); if you want to involve your kids, then ask them what theme they want. However, if you want it to be a surprise, then there are telltale signs of what will warm up the event for your child, like what (s)he’s been watching on television, who they wanted to be for Halloween, what the latest toy they wanted was, or what they talk about during breakfast most mornings! Once you have this bit of information, theme the birthday around it!

Has your offspring been talking like a pirate or asking to watch Pirates of the Caribbean repeatedly? Aim for pirate birthday party supplies; hand out pirate hats, whip up a map and set up a treasure hunt with a friend dressed up as a raggedy guide.  Have a pot of gold–or chocolate gold, it’s really up to you–at the end of the trail! You could even spruce the place up with torn pirate flags around the house or outside and fake spider webs to make it look more authentic. Or maybe they want to be a fairy; in this case you can toss around “fairy dust” (glitter), hang paper flowers as decorations, and give out wands and fairy wings as party favors. Feel free to get creative with it—the more creative you get, the more magical the feeling will be for your child.

Birthday Party Supplies Your Kids Will Love

The wonderful thing about children is that their innocence will make fun and light of the the simplest of supplies; I remember when I was young, I played house with old cardboard boxes serving as the shutters of windows and separate rooms. kids birthday party suppliesSo, you just know that if you spruce it up a bit with kids birthday party supplies (as opposed to cardboard boxes), then it’ll just be that much more special. I’ll start off by pointing out that for infants, they’ll most likely only notice the pretty colors and shapes, so you do have a couple of years to come up with imaginative ideas for upcoming birthdays! Aim for bright colors and, of course, lots of balloons! If you’d like to give it a Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street theme, then go for it—they may not appreciate all of your efforts just yet, though.

Make sure that when you’re shopping for 1st birthday party supplies, they’re infant-friendly and not a hazard! Party favors aren’t really necessary at this point, but birthday hats and a special birthday bib for your little one would be beneficial (for you, anyway).

Don’t Break the Bank with those Birthday Party Supplies

With a little scavenging in search of the proper stores, you can find a large array of cheap birthday party supplies! First thing’s first: you are able to make almost all of the party supplies you want at home! Make the decorations, party hats, invitations, and birthday banner. DIY birthday party suppliesNot only will you save quite a bit of money, but you can use them year after year. Or, if they’re specific to a certain age group, then you can use them for your next child or pass them along to a friend—they’ll be sure to thank you for having original decorations! If you don’t want to make it, then order it online; there are so many party websites now from all over the world that the competition is high for kids birthday party supplies. Often, they won’t even charge you for shipping and you’ll be paying much below the market price. Finally, check your local dollar store. They often have a wide range of party items, from sashes to themed paper plates.   Even balloons, plastic cutlery and party favors. All you really need to do is a little bit of searching, and you’ll find that you have all of your needed birthday party supplies as well as a very happy birthday child.

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  1. Jonathan Emanuels December 15, 2012 at 6:47 pm Reply

    My older cousin bought one time party supplies for $250. Really crazy man. At the end of the party he was thinking. Why the hell did I pay for that crap. XD.
    It is better to buy not to much, and not to expensive supplies or you have to use it again. 😀

  2. Jonle Bart December 15, 2012 at 8:16 pm Reply

    I want to arrange a birthday party on my birthday.
    I want to arrange it very nicely. I have a good budget for it. About $500 for my birthday party only.
    Do you help me to arrange it??

  3. Sharee December 16, 2012 at 10:13 am Reply

    It is really helpful and economical to research prices for supplies in different stores before deciding on buying one. A difference in price will total to big savings. Recycling and Reusing old party supplies is also a great thing.

    • Jonathan Emanuels December 16, 2012 at 9:14 pm Reply

      Thank you for the good tip. Would you buy your supplies at a party store or just at the all-in-one store? Do you use the same supllies multiple times or do you buy them and throw them away?

      • Rebecca December 17, 2012 at 10:45 pm Reply

        It really depends on what you’re buying. I find that although a party supply store may have all of the items you need in one spot, they usually hike up the prices a considerable amount since they’re a specialty store. Although, they usually have more unique things for parties, so if you want a birthday banner or decorations to last you for a long time, I’d go with the party store. On the other hand, if you’re just looking to buy disposable plates, napkins, party hats, etc, then do it at a big department store like Walmart–it’ll be cheaper in quality but it will serve its purpose for a much lower price.

  4. hinakhu December 20, 2012 at 9:34 am Reply

    a sensible buy can last for multiple birthdays! although not everything can be reused but a lot of stuff yes. i reused the candles for my daughters bday for almost 5 years 😉 n the happy birthday wall hangings n a lot of party hats!

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