The Only Birthday Gifts for Him

Hello again, and welcome to another fun birthday ideas segment that deals with just about everything man, or at least birthday gifts for him.  With that said, let’s begin our semi quick journey into the future, of time and space and figure out a few birthday ideas for guys.


OK, now in our last segment I threw around some birthday party ideas for a guy you would love to throw a party for.   I then mulled around some birthday gift ideas for that same special guy, but didn’t really dive into any kind of detail.  Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to harp on some sweet, and not so sweet birthday gifts for him, or that lucky dude you have plans on surprising.

Before I go full bore into mens birthday gifts, I’m going to preface this by saying, that I’m going to do my best to approach this subject from two main angles.  The first being, what a woman “MIGHT”, or should consider as a cool gift for a guy.  birthday gift for himThe only other option would be from a guy’s perspective, which will most likely be a lot easier to tackle.  No offense ladies, but we guys are seriously easy to please.

As I was saying, I’m going to begin our discussion about getting some cool gifts for guys, as if it were a lady friend buying the items.  Now, first and foremost, it is highly imperative to know the man you are buying the birthday gift for.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to my previous article on the subject, and then come back to this one.  It would sooo help the mind’s eye when it comes down to looking for birthday gift ideas for that special man in your life.  Oh, now hold on just a second!  I just thought of a third angle of approach on this topic.  What if you are the significant other for the birthday guy?  That sort of changes the rules of engagement now.  OK, so I’m going to have to reconfigure the way my thought pattern was going to flow, and make this work.  Deal with me for a second.

OK, now let’s begin with the girlfriend of the birthday guy.  The lover, the sexy lady that has been there for him, day in and day out.  She now wants to know what gift to buy him for his birthday.  This will be interesting, as well as the conversation moving towards a NC-17 rating in a little while.  ****DISCLAIMER**** Certain portions of this topic will possibly be NSFW.  So, being that you are his chick, or girl, or main squeeze, what would, or even better should you get him?  Well, we already know that giving him some booty for his birthday is great, but that signifies two things.  One, the birthday gift you actually got for him wasn’t that great, and two, your hornyness will hopefully help him forget about  the gift all together.  Ladies please DON”T be that woman.  So taking into account that you may have possibly lost touch with this man, and you just don’t want to wish him Happy Birthday as HE climaxes, you’re going to have to dig into your arsenal of ideas, and pull a rabbit out of your ass. birthday gifts for himHence you reading this article.

Here’s one idea, why not get a gift that takes him back to his childhood? Or find something that appeals to his fun side?  Sounds interesting right?  Here’s what you can do for him.   A great birthday gift idea for him would be if you treated him to night out on the town.  Not some rinky-dink, dinner and movie deal, No!  I mean, find something out of the ordinary for him.  Make him go, “WTF!!” at least five times before the night’s over.  If needed bring his friends in on it too.  Provided you don’t have any issues with his friends, and they at least appreciate who you are, and what you do for their boy.  OK, moving on!

This Is The Lover’s Birthday Gift For Him

Here’s the basic set up, scenario, and finishing move.  FYI, some parts of this bomb-ass gift can be used by other guys, and females who aren’t actually sleeping with homeboy. So, you send your man a birthday package from Edible Arrangements to his job.  Chocolate covered fruit is definitely, “Winning!” in any man’s book. birthday gift ideas for menNext step is to let him hang out with his friends, or coworkers for just a little bit, but don’t be over bearing. It’ll kill the mood, and everything that follows after will become moot. So he’s hung out for a little, threw back a few beers, but he’s not drunk. Now you hit him with one of his favorite meals.  Fun Factoid – don’t make it yourself! Order out.!  This way there will be no guilt trip to be had on either side of the couple.

After the meal, you then head out to an arcade, or billiard hall, or a place where driving, and a lot of noise is involved. Here’s another fact about men, ladies.  JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE ROMANTIC ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, DOESN’T MEAN HE WANTS TO BE ROMANTIC ON HIS.  Trust me on this one.  If a man wants to be romantic on his birthday, that just means he’s expecting to get some before the night is over, if not sooner.  Real talk!

The next part of this great birthday gift idea for a guy is where it becomes a little NC-17. At a certain point during the night out, you need to pull him to the side, and make out with him like you were back in high school.  You need to put his hands in places that haven’t seen that type outdoor action in years.  The same goes for the ladies too.  Get yourself a handful of your man, and make him wonder what’s coming next.  If your jaw is dropping to the floor, just scroll back up to see the disclaimer.  Now, I won’t get into the raunchy details, but at this point you need to make him feel that you are having as much fun as he is.  Once you have achieved that goal, and the rest of the evening is clearly what you want to make of it.

Did you see how that worked out?  Smooth, fun, and no real hiccups to be found throughout the entire evening.  Now we move onto what a woman who has a platonic relationship with a guy, should buy for his birthday.  birthday gift for husbandSome cool gifts for guys from her, could be as simple as a gift card from various stores specializing in man specific items.  Now here’s a little tidbit on gift cards.  You must put in some effort, on what type of gift card you buying for him.  Buying a generic American Express gift card shows that you don’t know him that well, and there wasn’t much thought on your end.  Do cards from the local mall, or Game Stop if he’s a gamer at heart.  Get him a card for AMC, or Loews movie theaters.  Those are always a great treat.  One more example of a great birthday gift would be inviting the lucky guy’s father to hang out with him at a place where it wasn’t completely overwhelmed with hustle, and bustle.  A small gathering at a mini golf course is always a great way to spend a memorable birthday, while at the same time sparking the emotions of love, and camaraderie.

OK, folks we’re on the home stretch, and we’re about to close this baby up with some tips for you fellas, who want to make sure that they’re taking good care of their boy on his special day.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this segment, men are easy to please, and guys are just about the only people who can understand other guys.  birthday gift for dadWith that said, a guy will just simply ask his friend, “What do you want for your birthday?’  Normally the response is nothing much, and then with a quick scan of the place of living, an answer will be found.  Now here’s the thing about this situation, guys don’t normally give other guys birthday gifts.  A strong hand shake, coupled with a bro hug, and then the suggestion of getting a beer or two, will normally suffice for the entire day.  Yes people, it is that damn simple.  I said it before, men are real easy to please, so when thinking of birthday gift ideas for him…don’t think too long and hard about it.  Now, I see some people out there grumbling  about how I never really mentioned any gift ideas that could come from another man. Alright, alright. Here it is.

The List Of Things A Guy Can Give Another Guy For His Birthday

  • Game Stop Gift Card ($50 or higher.)
  • Home Depot Gift Card  ($50 or higher.)
  • Best Buy Gift Card ($50 or higher.)
  • Throwback Clothing. (Size Appropriate Superman, Batman, Nintendo shirts)
  • Foot Locker Gift Card ($100 or higher.)
  • An Oil Change For His Car
  • An Eatery Gift Card (Friday’s, Apple-bee’s, Chili’s – You don’t eat with him alone!!)
  • Coupon To Massage Parlor (Happy Endings Preferred)
  • A 1Yr Magazine Subscription (His favorite magazine, not yours.)
  • Lastly a simple Boy’s Night In. (2 or 3 Pizzas, Soda, Beer, BYOC {Bring Your Own Controller} and a night filled with some old school chillin’ out in the crib.)

Here’s what folks, I hope that this ranting of mine has helped out in some form, and brought some light to what’s a usually darkened tunnel. Please feel free to contact me, and leave your comments so that I can respond to them accordingly. I’m always open to some witty feedback that can do nothing more than fuel an already burning flame of knowledge, and inspiration for birthday gifts for him. Until next time, be safe, and….. Gangnam Style!

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