Birthday Gift Ideas Come From the Heart

Heartfelt Birthday Gift Ideas Sure to Please Anyone

I find that people are generally at a loss for birthday gift ideas and that choosing the “perfect” gift is the backbone of excuses for not attending the party. Gift cards, money, and clothes have been overplayed so often, that it almost seems taboo to give such regular gift items to someone on their special day—especially if you want the birthday person to like you! If you can’t come up with a gift right off the bat, then brainstorm: grab a paper and pen and spend 5 minutes writing down different things that remind you of the birthday girl or boy. Make sure that you don’t put down your pen during this process, and if your mind wanders off into unrelated territory…then write down any random ideas that might come too.  Your brain is a strange thing and eventually that mass of grey matter will manifest ideas you couldn’t fathom beforehand.  At least have a handful of things associated with the person, and you can use those as the foundation for determining a party theme, and an eventual gift!

birthday gift ideasNaturally, you could take the route of purchasing the trendiest dress or electronic gimmick at the moment; which should be a winner for anyone. You know those wishlist items such as the new iPhone, a shiny new tablet, maybe caviar nail products with a spa package, or the indulgent week-long, all-inclusive trip to Mexico are sure to wow even the toughest characters to please.  Maybe if you’re in search of milestone 21st birthday gift ideas these pricey options might work, but these all likely come with a hefty post-party credit card bill.  In fact, if any of these items were and absolute requirement, the special someone could have even bought it for themselves (maybe not the Mexico trip, but you get the point)! In other words, there’s nothing really personal about these products that might leave a lasting memory. Although, you could personalize the spa package by going with the birthday boy/girl—that’s one step in the right direction, at least.  Especially if there were photos to look back on and share.

Easy Birthday Gift Ideas for Most Adults

Want to know the real secret for heartwarming gifts? Handmade ones! You are absolutely able to leave a lingering happy thought with feelings that the birthday boy or girl is cherished by showing that you spent time on their gift. It’s sort of like materializing the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” The best part is that you probably already have a lot of the material for handmade gifts at home. birthday gift ideasAs a couple of sweet 50th birthday gift ideas, the following two handmade presents are sure to hit a key. If the person being celebrated loves to bake, simply buy a mason jar, decorate the jar with glitter and ribbons (or however you like), and layer the inside with ingredients to cookies, brownies, or quick bread! Well, the dry ingredients. Make sure to attach a note saying what needs to be added and what temperature it should be baked at.

Not huge baking fans, but they do enjoy a glass to relax with after work or during the evening? Make them a mulled wine kit! Purchase a bottle of wine (it doesn’t need to be expensive since it’ll be infused with spices), an orange, and the necessary spices (i.e. ground ginger, ground nutmeg, a cinnamon stick, and cloves) and package it in a nice, little box. If you’d like, you could go the extra mile and include wineglasses—you could even paint them, for a personal touch.

His & Her Birthday Gift Ideas

When I think of birthday gift ideas for him, I immediately come up with ideas of edible items. I mean sure, you can buy him tickets to a game, but I think you’ll both enjoy it a lot more if there would be eating or drinking involved. Naturally, this depends on the type of man, and you can supplement my upcoming suggestions with an additional gift, but these are sure to be crowd-pleasers all the same. Firstly, make a man bouquet! You could really use your imagination with this one: a bouquet of mini alcohol bottles and cigars, a bouquet of cream-cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, or a pastry bouquet with cake pops. best birthday giftsIf he’s not a huge foodie, then you could always weave him a sweater, make him a laptop sleeve, or knit him some slippers.

Birthday gift ideas for her come a lot easier to me, and hopefully it’ll come easier to you, too, because it will entirely depend on you! The thing with women is that they will love anything that you do as long as they know that you struggled to do it and/or spent a lot of time on it. Are you an artist? Paint her a picture. Even if you’re not an artist, she’ll probably still enjoy the picture. Does she love flowers? Go to the woods and pick wild flowers, and maybe a couple of mushrooms or berries too while you’re at it (as long as you know what you’re picking).  She’ll appreciate the effort.

You can end the whole shenanigan with a home-cooked meal and her favorite wine, and these will probably be the best birthday gift ideas for her that you could have come up with. If you want to throw some jewellery into the pile, then do it. But if she asks how long it took you to choose each piece of jewelry, remember not to spew out a cheesy canned line such as “I knew as soon as I saw it, that this one would be for you!’  Instead point out how you went to great lengths to find the piece that was just perfect. Coming up with birthday gift ideas shouldn’t be a task to be dreaded, have fun with it and don’t worry about the thoughts of the receiving end.  Odds are that they just want to know that you care.

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