A Few Birthday Cake Ideas!

Birthday Cake Ideas for Every Budget

Coming up with birthday cake ideas can be stressful. The main attraction at any party is the cake, so everyone wants something that makes a statement, and tastes fantastic. While great cakes can be made for a few hundred dollars, you don’t have to break the bank to have an awesome birthday cake. Cake mix and icing can be picked up at the store for just a few dollars each. Pre-made supermarket cakes are cheap and readily available. Professional bakeries make outstanding, unique cakes for budgets in the higher range.  If it’s a gluten free cake that you need for an upcoming celebration, there are plenty of homemade options out there.  For that homespun feel, plenty of great birthday cake recipe ideas are just a Google search away…

Options for Birthday Cakes

3276289215_5c73db7a3eThere are many types of birthday cake as there are types of people who eat these frosted treats.  A traditional sheet cake is always a solid option, and comes in a variety of flavors. You can further punch up the flavor with an unusual icing. Most grocery store bakeries offer toppers for sheet cakes, as well, so that they don’t look so plain. If you opt to make your own cake at home, you can save considerably on costs. Appearance doesn’t have to be sacrificed; get a fun cake mold and pick up some icing tips. Not big on cake decorating? Bake some cupcakes! These are a great option for picnic birthday parties, since you don’t have to worry about passing out plates and bringing a knife to cut the cake. A frozen alternative are those tasty Oreo and fudge filled ice cream cakes.  Ice cream cakes are increasingly popular, and are a lovely cool treat for summer parties.  Just make sure you can keep the cake cold until serving time.  I have seen too many a melted cake all because of poor planning.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Kids birthday cake ideas are especially fun. You can really liven up the room with bright colors and cheerful characters. Cartoon character cakes are extremely popular. If your child is old enough, choose something that fits with their interests. With 1st birthdays, the baby is obviously too young to voice an opinion. You could go with something classic and neutral, like a safari theme. Does you child have a winter birthday? How about a snowflake cake? Spring birthdays are a great time to utilize flowers and leaves in your cake.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Women

birthday cake ideasA lot of women love birthday cakes that are delicate and feminine. Soft colors and flowing ribbons are lovely and provide an elegant feel. Topsy-turvy layer cakes are trending right now, as are clean multicolor stripes and polka dots of varying sizes. Not all women are “girly,” however, so don’t be afraid to go with something a little different. An 80s theme could be fun, or something related to a favorite movie (not sure how you might do a Sleepless in Seattle cake).  If she’s into music, you could have a cake made that makes reference to her favorite songs.

Of course a nicely decorated standard cake is hard to go wrong with, as long as you have done your research and know exactly what flavor of cake works for her.  Banana creme, decadent chocolate, something light like an angel food cake that can be drizzled with a sweet fruit topping… all viable options!

Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

Typical men like funny birthday cakes, especially themed around something comical and manly.  Beer, monster trucks, and TV themes could be hilarious.  Anatomy cakes are usually a hit, as are cakes with funny phrases. If they have a favorite sports team, incorporating the logo can be fun. Hobbies like golfing can be represented on a cake with mini golf balls and clubs made from fondant. If he’s a video game player, you could consider having a cake made in the shape of a gaming console, with complementary cupcakes topped with fondant controllers and Mario Kart characters.  Guys are simple creatures though, and as long as there is cake in his favorite flavor…he will be happy.  Flavor is very important for some reason!

Specialty Birthday Cake Ideas

birthday cake ideasThere may be some cases when a typical birthday cake won’t work. Perhaps the birthday girl (or guy) doesn’t like cake. It’s rare, but it happens. What if they are diabetic? How about those who are allergic to gluten? Fortunately, there are some great options. For diabetics, use baking mixes with sugar alternatives instead of your typical white sugar, and grab some sugar-free icing. “No sugar added” cakes are also available at most bakeries. For those with a gluten allergy, use superfine sweet rice flour instead of the regular white variety. Guest doesn’t like cake? Consider creating a pseudo-cake with rice cereal treats, or purchase a cookie cake.  Mmmm…rice krispie cake…

Whether you’re able to spend hundreds of dollars or five dollars on a birthday cake, whether coming up with 1st or 50th birthday cake ideas, you can create a wonderful baked confection worthy of the pictures and memories. Kids birthday cake ideas can be especially easy on funds, but you can work cakes for any age into your budget. Take some of the birthday cake ideas suggested here and run with them, play with them, enjoy them.  You’re sure to find that sweet spot that works for you.

written by Ashley, birthday July 24th

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