Why Not Make A Birthday Banner?

The Lasting Memory of a Birthday Banner

I remember way back when my eldest female cousin celebrated her first birthday. On her birthday banner were the words: “Happy 1st Birthday, Sara!” I remember feeling that she was really darn lucky as she got to have a big Kids Birthday Bannerbirthday party for her first birthday. I sure don’t remember if my parents did the same for me.

Firstborns tend to receive lots of gifts from everyone in attendance. It’s a milestone! Parents may even go well out of their way to have clowns or mascots at the party! Maybe it’s just an excuse to get the whole family together, and if so…might as well just make it into one big festival. As I look back on an old photo of that first birthday party for my cousin, it seems a little strange that she now has her own daughter, also celebrating her first birthday with a huge birthday bash.

Making the Birthday Banner Fabulous

Did I get a big birthday party for my first birthday? I’m not sure. I never really asked my parents whether I did or not. All I know is that the photos of my first birthday party didn’t have one visible—although, I did have a lovely, homemade Minnie Mouse cake! Either way, I never got to confirm if I indeed did have Shiny Mirror Happy Birthday Bannerone of those birthday banners reading “Happy 1st Birthday!” However, I do see a theme of birthday banners being present in parties of younger children as well as seniors—perhaps they simply aren’t as prevalent in the “middle” years.
Just a few months ago, Sara’s daughter celebrated her third birthday; it became a big family affair with my younger sister making personalized birthday banners to hang on the entrance of the restaurant where the party was held as well as behind the birthday cake. It was, of course, for picture-taking purposes. Everything that my family put up in the place was actually personalized – the invitations, the banners, the balloons, the candy decors. Everything!
When I saw the importance of the banner at that birthday party, it made me start to think of how to make the banner more special. You want the banner to stand out; obviously, your guests will know whose birthday it is, but this particular piece of decoration is meant to accent and complement your party rather than just blend in with the background. Consider giving it a colour theme to match the rest of your party or to have it made on a special fabric—perhaps lace or doilies? Placing the banner at a high profile spot would give it the most bang for its buck, too. For example, it would be much better to have the banner hanging under an archway rather than simply on a wall. If you do want to place the big birthday sign on a wall, though, it would be best near the buffet, snack table, bar, or anywhere else the guests will be going to frequently. Having the banner in a high-profile spot will create a more festive feel for the party!

Catching the Eye with your Creativity

Many people spend so much time thinking about and planning the birthday party that when it comes to enforcing all of their plans, they have all but lost their motivation. It’s only after the fact you realize that you now have Banner Birthday Cardto wait a whole extra year to celebrate your birthday again! This is why it’s so important to really put time into planning your birthday; the main event doesn’t need to be the party, but the process of celebrating. We’ve gone over personalized invitations and party favours, so now let’s discuss ideas for you to have custom birthday banners!
Personally, I love the idea of baby pictures or progressive pictures of major events in ones life for personalized birthday banners. This would particularly be a good idea for 50th birthday banners; you could add pictures of their graduation, wedding, employment (maybe even their first job, if you have that available to you), big vacations, and anything else that serves as a good memory! Naturally, you might want to add their name to it, too, and maybe even make the banner their favourite colour(s).

Why I Wish for a Birthday Banner

I feel that birthdays just feel more complete every time I see a sign that reads “Happy Birthday!” It sort of gives one that feeling of happiness for being being greeted and remembered by everyone. That, along with seeing your name on the banner, just gives that awesome feeling of a personalized greeting.Happy Birthday Chuck
One time, my co-workers and I had made a simple birthday greeting on a cardboard and posted it in the cubicle of another co-worker who was celebrating her birthday. She was so happy that we remembered her birthday and cared enough to create her her own personalized birthday banners. And I, deep down, wished that my co-workers would have done the same for me when it had become my birthday. I suppose that everyone there had that same small wish at the back of their mind. I generally have cake and intimate gatherings for my birthdays, but I don’t really recall ever having had a birthday banner. It might just be me, but I still wish to see a birthday banner that is made just for me, and I’m sure whoever you’re celebrating has that wish somewhere in their mind, too.

written by Rebecca, birthday December 3rd

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