Programmer, Jeff

birthday party ideasSorry, not much for a picture since Jeff is a bit of a shy guy.  Also part of the Vancouver production team, Jeff is more than a programmer, he’s the guy behind the snappy logo, theme selection and overall site layout of  Jeff has been involved with creating many sites over the years, and is just tired of the spammy, outdated look of many sites.  Birthdays are a topic that everyone has on a year to year basis, and the information that is out there seems to be just oriented towards kids.  We don’t need pastel pink for a background, or pages and pages of ads to distract the reader from the real content those birthday planners are looking for.  How about just some good party planning tips, or birthday cake ideas?

When jeff isn’t coding, you might find him out in the garage working on restoring a classic ’56 Chevy pickup.  It’s getting away from the keyboard that seems to spur ideas for him, although this isn’t likely the place for pinstriping or flaming skulls.

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