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birthdayblueprints.comWe’re a couple of guys from beautiful Vancouver BC, with the goal of creating a community that can share ideas on how to plan and host the best birthday parties.  We were involved in a charter boat business for a few years, on which the most consistent event was birthday parties.  Surprisingly, many customers were always looking for birthday ideas on how to make it the best birthday ever for the guest of the evening or day.

When doing a web search for ideas, we constantly ran into sites dedicated to kids birthday party ideas.  We aren’t all kids though, and for those that want to celebrate a milestone birthday the question always is…how do you do it?  On the boat, we were offering up suggestions on cake ideas, themes, invitations, song setlists, and even suggested itineraries for both before and after the boat party.  Idea suggestions shouldn’t be that hard to find, which is why it would be great to find all that material in one place.

That’s where this page comes in.  Birthdayblueprints.com is intended to be a different take on birthday planning websites.  Instead of a static web page with content that gets old quick, ideas can be constantly updated with experiences from people like you.  The plan for any birthday doesn’t have to be just a single layout…that plan can grow and change with suggestions and ideas from web searchers like yourself.  It’s just a matter of capturing all of that.  Maybe with a few revisions to this site, some great writers and an extensive community we can get to that dream.

We’ve got Jeff as our head programmer and Chris as the chief editor.  Join us in the birthday ideas forum for answers to your questions.  Even better, sign up and share your birthday experiences with the world.  Good or bad, they’re worth sharing.

Thanks for your support, we’ll need every bit of it on this quest.

Jeff and Chris

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