50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50th Birthday Gift Ideas: Pick Out the Perfect Present

It’s common to be stumped when trying to come up with 50th birthday gift ideas. This is a pretty major milestone in the lives of most people, so the pressure is raised to come up with something both memorable and amazing! Spend some time considering who this special person is. Are they the serious type, or a fun and bright personality?  Frivolous and flashy, or grounded and nostalgic.  Choose a gift that really says something special about the birthday celebrator. With a little planning and a lot of love, you can pick out, or make the perfect present.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

50th birthday giftMen are notoriously difficult to shop for.  While much depends on the interest of the man in question, there are a few ideas for 50th birthday gift for men that tend to be universal. A watch is always a classic choice. Most men wear watches, and the bands can wear out quickly. Wallets are another item that nearly every man uses, and chances are good that his is falling apart. Like most men, if they find something they like, they’ll hang onto it until threadbare and worn out.

Does he wear a lot of suits? If so, perhaps he could use a new pair of cufflinks.  It’s a milestone birthday, so don’t be stingy on the funds.  Look for a pair of cufflinks, or tie clip, that he will actually wear on occasion.  Ties and belts are solid options for almost any man, however I can’t imagine him putting on a belt and taking two seconds to remember who gave him the belt.

Golfers can always use more golf balls and tees, or perhaps you want to spend a little more money and pick out the latest driver or pitching wedge. Considering the personal nature of selecting a set of clubs, maybe look at a gift certificate for lessons…in his own back yard over a case of beer.

Is he a voracious reader? A copy of the latest bestseller or a childhood favorite comic book might tickle his fancy.  Yes a little research might be in order here, but that birthday effort is always well received in the end.  Of course you could offer up some subliminal hints too with books on topics of items you really want him to look into…such as ‘How to Sail’, or ‘Gardening Tips for Beginners‘.

If he’s a workaholic, a great and unexpected gift would be arranging for him to have a day off of work, and planning a full day’s getaway. The destination would vary depending on his preferences and activities, but anything that would get him away from the everyday work craziness, and into something that both you and he enjoy would be fantastic.  Someone say fishing?

If you’re looking for something more unique or personalized, but aren’t sure what the birthday boy’s preferences or interests are, approach his close family or friends. Even coworkers may be able to help you pick out something that he’ll love.  If all else fails, a nice bottle of Scotch is always appreciated.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

50th birthday gift ideasWomen are a little trickier than men. Our tastes vary so widely that it can be difficult to find something that fits our personality. Try to consider what type of woman you are buying for when you come up with ideas for 50th birthday gift for her.

If she is a devout churchgoer, perhaps she would enjoy a leather case for her Bible. A woman who enjoys cooking may love some new kitchen gadgets. Does she enjoy gardening? Get her a nice sunhat or a new set of gardening gloves.

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a gift card…as long as that gift card for someplace she really likes to shop.  It may seem like a cop-out gift, or something that is impersonal, but it doesn’t have to be. Write a heartfelt letter, thanking her for being who she is, and include the card inside the envelope. Buy a card, but direct her in how to use it. For example, you could buy a gift certificate to a local spa, and call to set up services for her. Surprise her by picking her up and whisking her away to a day of relaxation.

50th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Gag gifts are a great birthday idea for jokesters, or anyone with a good sense of humor. Since 50 is the age considered “officially old” by many, you can play this up. Any items that are considered geriatric make Gag Giftsperfect gag gifts. Purchase an old walker, wrap black ribbon around it, and add a sign that says “Birthday Boy/Girl!” Buy a pack of adult diapers and wrap them up, to be opened with the other gifts.

How about a bundle of gifts?  Present them with a bag containing items like arthritis cream and denture cleaning tablets. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure that you are aware of any medical conditions that the person might have. Gag gifts can be hilarious, but not if they inadvertently make fun of a real condition.  Let’s not embarrass anyone by mistake now.

There are so many great ideas for 50th birthday gifts. Even though it can be difficult to pick something out, remember that it truly is the thought that counts; that’s not just a clichéd statement!  People truly appreciate the fact that others took the time, and thought to give them special birthday gifts. Knowing that another person not only thought about you, but thought of you highly enough to put effort into a gift, is a wonderful feeling. Try out some of these 50th birthday gift ideas, think of the personality of the recipient, and you’ll end up with an amazing gift.

written by Ashley, birthday July 24th

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