1st Birthday Party Supplies

1st Birthday Party Supplies for Themed Parties

Themed first birthday party supplies are a great way to create a sense of fun for children. As a mother, I know that one of the best things to experience is seeing my son’s eyes light up when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on the television. You can create that same sense of wonder at your party. Imagine your child’s face when they come into the room and see Mickey or Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party supplies all around them. It’s a very special moment, and one that is so easy to achieve.

Essential 1st Birthday Party Supplies

No matter which theme you choose for the party, there are some staples that you’ll want to have on hand. The cake is, of course, a given. Many supermarket bakeries offer a variety of toppers or edible screen prints for sheet cakes, which are an economical way to get a cake that matches your theme. 1st birthday cakeYou can also spring for a custom cake, which ranges in price from around $25, up to several hundred depending on how extravagant your birthday cake ideas might be. Since this is your baby’s first birthday, get a smash cake as well. Smash cakes don’t need to be fancy – they are literally going to be gleefully smashed into oblivion by those pudgy little hands, so go simple.  You can even go with a single cupcake.

Disposable plates, cups, flatware, and napkins are all vital supplies for a birthday party. You want these disposable items to be of a good quality, without breaking the bank. Try to avoid Styrofoam items, as the material has a very low melting point, plates break easily, and they take forever to degrade in a landfill. Instead, go for thick compressed paper or plastic plates and cups that are durable enough to last the day. Given your child’s age, you may even consider purchasing some disposable bibs for the other infant guests.

Most importantly, don’t forget the candle! Or candles, if you prefer. This may seem like a small detail, but items like candles and mementos are the things that you’ll want to hold on to. The sentimental value is high. Imagine yourself, 17 years from now, on the eve of your precious child’s 18th birthday, pulling out the very first candle on the very first cake from his, or her very first birthday… that is a moment to savor.

Creating Balance & Harmony with 1st Birthday Party Supplies

Whether you are buying birthday party supplies for girls or for boys, try not to go overboard. Everyone loves themes; they bring a real sense of cohesion to a party. Elmo’s face on every single item, however, might be a little much. 1st birthday party suppliesTry to balance out your themed items with solid colors or patterns in complementary colors. If you have gone with Sesame Street 1st birthday party supplies, ribbons and birthday balloons in primary colors can help to balance the scene.

It’s a good idea to have a separate set of supplies for the adults at the party. Themed items can be a little pricey, and adults usually aren’t impressed by eating cake off of Big Bird’s face. Grab some cheaper, plainly-colored napkins, plates, and cups. These don’t need to match – they won’t be in the main party area. Stash these in the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about clashing with your set-up.

Where to Find Supplies

Some themes are very popular. You can find Hello Kitty 1st birthday party supplies at almost any major retailer that sells party supplies. Other themes might be more obscure and therefore difficult to obtain. If you don’t have a party supply chain store in your area, check out websites that specialize in these items. Many offer free shipping deals for spending a certain amount, or put on periodic promotions to save a certain percentage on first-time customer orders.

1st birthday party suppliesIf you are still having trouble finding 1st birthday party supplies that fit your theme, consider local artists.  Post a job on a local bulletin board or even Craigslist.  You may be surprised how creative and available people can be. What better than items designed specifically for you, and handmade for your event? This is a fantastic option for larger items, such as signs, or even smaller aspects of the theme, like the invitations.

Choose your 1st birthday party supplies for girls and boys carefully and conscientiously. They may seem like a small part of a party, but a little thought put into this area, and a focus on quality items, allows everyone to enjoy the wonderful event that you’ve put together. Set out on a shopping excursion early and get the right first birthday party supplies in house and in order. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the party!  And take lots of pictures!!

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  1. Andrea W. December 22, 2012 at 1:03 am Reply

    You make a very good point about finding harmony in the theme. For my son’s first birthday we wanted to go with an all sports theme, but after looking around we realized that we would have TOO much sports paraphernalia. We then decided to mix solid plates and cups with the decorated ones, and it worked out lovely.

    I will be sharing this post with my sister-in0law as well, for her twins will be one soon. Thank you so posting such a great article.

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