1st Birthday Invitations…a guide to selection

How to Create the Perfect 1st Birthday Invitations

1st Birthday InvitationsPicking out 1st birthday invitations is an exciting task. Nothing sets the tone for a party like the invitations, and there are few things more exciting in a mother’s life than her child’s very first birthday. When my son was turning a year old, my mind was swimming with plans for his party. There were so many options out there it really made it hard to choose just one.

A jungle theme would be cute, and we could go with monkeys for his 1st birthday party invitations. Then again, a sports theme would allow us to choose traditional 1st birthday boy invitations, with footballs and baseball bats . Should we go with a generic blank card, or get some invites printed with his picture? If you’re anything like me, you’re similarly overwhelmed with the sheer variety of options. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be so difficult!  Keep it simple, just to make it easier on yourself.

Choosing the Format of 1st Birthday Invitations

There’s nothing wrong with plain, pre-printed 1st birthday party invitations. The convenience of being able to grab your invites at a local store is nice, and you can write in the details. simple birthday invitesFriends and family may appreciate the personal touch that’s given with a handwritten message.

Custom-printed invitations have their appeal, as well. Many have the option of including a photograph of your child. Who doesn’t want to open their mailbox to see that smiling face?  Custom invitations are more costly, but also save time. Some services will even mail them out for you.

You could also go the green route, and send out e-vites. While impersonal, this is a practical choice. In today’s world, people check their inboxes far more often than their mailboxes. This option also has the perk of being completely free.

It’s All About the Theme!

Once the format is figured out, it’s time to pick a theme. Keep gender in mind here. Princesses and unicorns are great for girls 1st birthday invitations, but little boys might not enjoy it as much. Go with something that appeals to your tastes, but is also age appropriate. Cartoon characters are always a hit. If you’re doing a whole themed party,  be sure to choose invitations that match your other party supplies.

A cute idea for photo invitations, if you’ve chosen those, is to incorporate the theme into the picture. A baby with an eye patch and stuffed parrot is adorable for a pirate theme. Even a photo of your baby watching their favorite cartoon is a fun way to spice up your invites and tie the picture to the party.

Customizing 1st Birthday Invitations

After a theme is chosen, you may want to customize your invitations. Choosing the right color is key. Go with complementary color schemes. Liven up the invites with bright splashes of color, or go for a more natural palette.

Pick a font that fits your theme. Remember, this is a kid’s party, so go with a fun font over something more fancy or old-fashioned. Font color should accentuate the colors on the borders of the invitations.
You could even let your kid in on the fun by helping them to “sign” the invitations with a crayon, or assist them in placing stickers on the envelope.

What Should You Say? A Guide to 1st Birthday Invitations Wording

We all know to include the important information. Location, date, and time are essential. You can make your 1st birthday invitations even more unique, however, by including a little more text. You could add a birthday poem or quote, or even write your own fun little quips to include on the cards. easy birthday invitationsIf you have arranged for guests to bring dishes or other party supplies, this is a great place to put a subtle reminder, like “Everyone is looking forward to your fabulous banana pudding!”

If you’re concerned about making guests feel obligated to bring a gift, you show note that gifts are optional by saying “Your presence is the only present we need!”  Are you planning activities for the other kids? A schedule of activities can be included on the invitations. Let parents know if other kids are encouraged to dress up for the party. If any of your planned activities are messy, let parents know to bring some play clothes.

See? I told you; 1st birthday party invitations don’t have to be overwhelming. As long as you remain organized and take it one step at a time, this process can be fun. Keep these pointers in mind, and you will have the perfect 1st birthday invitations!

written by Ashley, birthday July 24th

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  3. Sharee December 15, 2012 at 12:22 pm Reply

    I found this post really useful not just for our little one’s first birthday but every year thereafter. How I wish I had this as a guide when my daughter turned one but at least I’ll have this for next year.

  4. Jonathan Emanuels December 15, 2012 at 6:50 pm Reply

    Thank you for the article. It contains really useful information. The next time I will give an birthday party, I will go to this page to refresh my memory about the subject invitations. Sometimes I forget that you have to invite. 😀
    But isn’t it cheaper to invite everybody with facebook if it is not the first birthday of your child.

  5. Jonle Bart December 15, 2012 at 7:40 pm Reply

    This is amazing site. I get some ideas about how to create the perfect 1st birthday invitations.
    I will arrange a birthday party like this on my child 1st birthday party. 🙂
    Thank you.

  6. hinakhu December 19, 2012 at 9:06 am Reply

    i think the first birthday is the only birthday where the parents have all the say! as from every next birthday you will have your lil one chipping in with their ideas and wishes.
    so yes for my daughters first bday for the first n the last time im gna have invites that are only my choice! 🙂

  7. Andrea W. December 22, 2012 at 4:44 pm Reply

    I had attempted to make my son’s first birthday invitations myself, and I really wish I would have had this article back then to use as a guideline, I am excited now to create my daughter’s invitations next summer for her first birthday now.

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