19th Birthday Ideas for Guys

What’s shaking everyone, and welcome to another informative BirthdayBlueprints.com segment.  My name is Lawrence, and I will be your guide for the morning/afternoon/evening…whenever you’re finding a few minutes to do this work unrelated research apparently for a 19th birthday. So in this little slice of informative, but sometimes funny article, we’re going to touch on one of those magical birthday milestones that most of us in the world have likely though about…

The 19th birthday!

Now, I can just imagine some of the faces that are reading this, and they’re probably slightly scowled up right now, with thoughts of, “19?!? 19th Birthday IdeasWho really thinks of their 19th birthday?” Well my friends, that’s where I come into the picture. There are quite a few people who have contemplated semi illegal activities they can get away with only because they felt that 19 was the new 21. It has happened before, and it will continue to happen. Especially when there are plenty of Uncle Bobs, and Joes that will gladly sneak their 19 year old nephew into the titty bar for his first official lap dance. Trust me, and believe that it’s probably happening right now, as you read this sentence.

Picking a Theme for his 19th Birthday

So, where do we begin today’s journey? Let’s actually start with the main premise behind why we are really here today, the actual birthday itself. We need to look at this from a few different angles, and then see what we are dealing with. Now, how does one prepare for a 19 year old’s birthday party, or gathering if you will? Well, it’s starts with the bad ass, smart mouth kid, who thinks he’s tough as nails, but cries like a young schoolgirl when he gets a splinter in his finger. Yeah, that kid. No matter what, you love him to death right? So, what do you do? What’s your theme?

2013-Hyundai-Genesis-Coupe-left-side-Rhys-Millen-Racing-2012-Formula-Drift-2Simply put, Extreme Sports! You need to think X-Games, Dew Tour, Formula Drift, all of that good stuff. You would have to do some research on the sport, especially if you’re not really familiar with it. Your easiest form of information is the World Wide Web, and to really minimize that search, go hit up YouTube. So said, so done. Every extreme snowboarding, cycling, drifting, skiing, dirt jumping event is on there for you to just gather up ideas, and then run with it.

So now that brings us to our next topic, 19th birthday ideas. I know I just rambled on with some thoughts of male teenage foolishness that most young guys are into.  It just dawned on me that these themes of sports, are some fantastic ideas to use in multiple facets for a soon to be 19 year old’s birthday party.

Drifting your Birthday Party Idea?

Here’s a solid example of what I’m saying. The theme chosen for your 19th birthday party is drifting. You as the parent will now need to seek out drifting themed items that will help pull this party together, without any flaws. First off, you would need to research where you can have your invitations made for this party. Be prepared to pay some good money to have custom drifting themed, 19th birthday invitations made up for the party. Places like Party City hardly ever have what you need when it comes down to getting things custom made for any real party. More or less, and most likely, you would need to find some people on either Ebay.com, or even Amazon.com that specialize in customizing fliers, invitations, and other such items for specifically themed parties.

19th Birthday CakeNext up is the cake. A birthday party isn’t a party without a cake. You thought I was going to say clown didn’t you? Nah man, dead are the clowns. Now in keeping with the theme of drifting, the 19th birthday cake has to be on point. This is something YOU DO NOT SKIMP ON, and furthermore it should be made/created by a professional. This is one of those, “Don’t try this at home” deals. If the cake looks like it was meant for a 5 year old, and begs to be dropped on the floor…and trampled by a mob…then the party is over. You would have ruined that once in a lifetime 19th birthday moment forever. And if you didn’t know by now, kids remember the bad, and embarrassing stuff before they remember all of the good times.

As I said, this 19th birthday cake will require a pretty penny to be thrown at it in order for it to look like it belongs at the party. Well, in all reality if I think about it for a quick second, you could get a cake from someplace cheaper, and have them put a picture on it, but that type of thing has always creeped me out. Cutting into faces, and stuff on cakes. (Blechh!)

What Are some Awesome 19th Birthday Gift Ideas?

So now we move onto the next section of this tour, and that would be the question in the title itself. What are some good, if not great 19th birthday gift ideas? I’m glad the question was asked, because yet again, I’m going to keep this train rolling into the next station.

19th Birthday ActivityOK, so we have our drifting 19th birthday theme, right? We pretty much locked down the main idea, (Check) we went over the 19th birthday invitations, (Check) and we followed that with a bangin’ ass cake idea. (Check!) So, now let’s keep the drifting going, and incorporate that into the ultimate 19th birthday gift idea. Why not surprise the hell out of the young man, by having part 2 of his party, take place at a race track. Now, this part here will definitely require some serious planning in order to make it work.

Depending on the season of the birthday, drifting events may or may not be hard to come by. If the birthday is in the summer, then you’re good to go, but if your birthday is in the winter, then you will need to find some other means of racing to be a part of. A winter racing substitute would be, indoor go-karting, or a local meet and greet car show. Those are always cool.

Now, I just mentioned a summer time party event, and this is my idea. If you would like to have a gathering at a track, then I would suggest that it be set up as a separate birthday gift. Taking anywhere from 8 to 20 kids to race track, is not only, not safe, but highly expensive. You could have the lucky 19 year old take a ride in a drift car with a professional driver a few times, and or even receive a lesson or two from the driver. This would turn out to be an EPIC happy 19th birthday, that will NEVER be forgotten.

I would like to take a moment to express a feeling about this subject very quickly, if you don’t mind. When a kid turns 19, there’s a bit of independence that has found it’s way over that person, and at that point one of two things will happen. One would be pure, and total responsibility kicks in, and your life gets easier, or the complete opposite happens. 19th birthday idea for guysEither way it is your job, as the parent to make sure that every chance there is to WIN, you do it.

At this age failure is not an option. I mentioned it before, during teenage years, kids will remember failing, or bad times, or even embarrassment before anything else, and we do not want something a simple as a birthday haunting them, instead of blessing them. This is Real Talk people, our teens are our next set of leaders, and we as parents must know that, whatever we do for them will affect them in many different ways. We just have to make sure that we affect them in the most positive way possible.

OK, let’s get back to business, and wrap things up before I bore everyone to death. Our kids are growing up, and the time when they turn 19 is fast approaching. Our 19th birthday ideas are that of an untold story, that’s waiting to be read, and learned from. When all of the invitations are written, the cake is put away in the fridge, and Thank You notes are mailed out, you then have to wonder. How the Hell am I going to top this for his 20th birthday? LOL! Even if that is a thought, put it to the side for now, and just soak in how great of an accomplishment that was just had, because you took it upon yourself to make things happen. Life can be like a bowl of sweet cherries, you can eat them slowly and savor the flavor of each one, or you could rush through the bowl, and rick choking on a seed. In other words, enjoy life as it comes to you, for if you rush it, and miss something, you won’t get a second chance to do it again.

Thanks for reading, and sharing this time with me. Feel free to leave comments, and or questions you may have in the box below. Until next time, have fun, be safe, and BAZINGA!!

written by Lawrence, birthday November 26th

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