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Welcome to  Here we’re gathering birthday party ideas and user content into one place for easy access and sharing amongst people like yourself, looking for the best party planning ideas.  Birthday Party Ideas from Birthdayblueprints.comAs we know, everyone has a birthday once a year.  Keeping those party ideas fresh from year to year, or even party to party can be tough.  We know very few birthday ideas would be unique, but with forums to share some of these experiences…maybe some of those amazing party ideas can be passed along to the general population.

We have broken the site into two main areas, the BDBP blog for posting material from great writers willing to share their experiences and the birthday forum for capturing all your birthday party ideas in a concise and easily searchable form.   As this project evolves, we’ll add categories and pages based on what appears to be most popular from a search standpoint… such as party themes, invitation suggestions, birthday party venues, kids birthday ideas and decorations.  To get things started though, we wanted to feature a piece from one of our prominent Birthday Blueprints writers.  Have a read, as she offers up some great birthday party ideas and suggestions for your next event.

Birthday Party Ideas That Will Make Your Grass Greener

Coming up with birthday party ideas for people born in other seasons always seems so much easier than coming up with them for yourself: “If only I was a Summer baby, then I could do all of the fun things on my birthday!” The good news is that you can actually celebrate in exciting and original ways regardless of which month you were born in. The better news is that I’m going to give you the push you may need to start planning for your next birthday! So, if your birthday has already passed and you’ve already had the happy birthday song sung for you, then you’ll need to wait until next year to have your birthday wishes come true.

As a winter child myself, I do find planning for summer birthdays a lot easier, but this doesn’t mean that I waste away on my own birthday and wait for a friend to celebrate on theirs. Birthday party ideasGenerally, I plan for something new every year; one year I had close friends over for dinner, another I prepaid a restaurant and invited my friends there, and sometimes I’ll go to a comedy club or a wine tasting. This year was special in that I didn’t have any friends over—my birthday fell in the middle of a very hectic time with constraints screaming at me from every direction, so we made do with what we had. My boyfriend and I decided to rejuvenate our day after being dealt too much stress, and thereafter we promptly built a fort under our six-man table, complete with cushions, blankets, snacks, movies, drinks, and games. I’ve now been converted by all the fun that was had and I don’t think I’ll ever be dishing out hundreds of dollars on my birthday ever again!

Sometimes it is difficult coming up with fresh ideas though, and that’s why I wish I had someone to guide me, too. There are many different ways to plan a birthday; you could go by theme, setting, dress code, season, location, and countless other things. Summer and winter are two of the broadest categories in my opinion, and naturally two categories that everyone falls into. Now, just to clarify, but summer I don’t strictly mean the months May to July, but rather all of the warm weather months, and vice versa for winter. So, this will vary depending on where you live—I suppose it would have been easier to call one of them “warm weather” and the other “cold weather”, but where would the fun in that have been?

Birthday Party Ideas for the Ice Cream Season

If you were lucky enough to be born in the summer, then there are several ways you could go about celebrating your birthday outside of an indoor, at-home birthday festivity. From renting a boat and cruising around with a few dear friends to a sweaty paintball game, there’s truly something for everyone.

Maybe I’m clichéd since I’ll never get to enjoy this and be celebrated while enjoying it, but the easiest and probably one of the most fun locations would be the beach. Not only can you set up some parasol tents or have a Caribbean or tiki theme to it, but if you have kids then you don’t even need to find entertainment for them because they’ll have a giant playground. You’ll want to pack a picnic—unless your beach is cool enough to have fire pits, in which case you could smoke some things. If you have a table set up at the beach, then after dinner you could make a simple meringue cake. It is extremely easy to make and it’s light and summer, just add some berries on top while it is setting and you’re set! If you don’t have a table, then consider making cake pops and passing those out; they’re a little eccentric, but they’re still wholly cake! Obviously, it might be a little difficult blowing out candles to make your birthday wishes, so you may want to bring a cupcake for yourself so that you can put the candles somewhere.

If you have a little extra time and a little extra money, then you could have a weekend getaway and go camping. Ideally (for me), you could pick a spot by a river, buy a rubber inner tube, and go river tubing. (Make sure you have a life jacket if you do this, regardless of how great of a swimmer you are.) Camping Birthday CakeIt won’t be easy having any ice cream birthday cakes in this situation, but instead you could have campfire cones! Basically, just buy a box of waffle ice cream cones, condiments like chocolate chips, diced strawberries and bananas, marshmallows, and whatever else you think would taste good with the mix; thereafter, stuff the cones with the desires products, wrap it in aluminum foil, and roast it over the campfire for a few minutes. The only drawback is that people may be too busy enjoying their cone to remember to sing you the happy birthday song!

Winter Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

If there’s one thing winter has that summer doesn’t, it is coziness. Honestly, you can’t cuddle anyone during the summer, it’s simply too warm outside and the excess heat may be agitating for some. Since we have this wonderful commodity, why not take advantage of it when we’re coming up with birthday gift ideas or even simply planning the event? While birthday invitations can be s’more or flip flop themed for the children of the summer, winter borne individuals can utilize snowflakes and gingerbread houses in their birthday invitations. Although, handing out birthday cards may be tied for both seasons. If we’re to go with the beach theme, then you could write inside of a seashell and present that as an unconventional birthday card; on the other hand, if the celebration is in the winter then you can make a felt stocking with a pull-out card.

If you still find yourself envious of the summer weather and wish you could celebrate outdoors, I may have the answer: your backyard. If you don’t have one already, invest in a fire pit and a dozen or so fleece blankets for your guests and decorate with Christmas ornaments and lights for an even more inviting look. Granted there will be children, you could set up a cookie decorating station as well as a hot chocolate station, complete with marshmallows—if you have a Crockpot, then you could make the hot chocolate in there for a big batch.

Personally, my birthday would never be complete without mulled wine. It’s relatively cheap, festive, and it will warm you from the core up; I cannot think of a better drink to serve while outdoors. Fondue Birthday PartyIf you’re not a huge wine fan, then you could also spike apple cider for another crowd-pleasing beverage. As winter is a generally festive season, you can approach deciding between birthday cakes in that manner, too. A favorite would be a layered cake, with the layers alternating between white and dark chocolate; between the layers, you could have a crushed candy cane and whipped cream spread. If this seems like too much work hire a renown catering Vancouver company or if that’s too much money get some some winter ale and bake a chocolate stout cake!

If you’re not the birthday planner and are actually a guest of this winter celebration, then aim for heartfelt birthday gift ideas or birthday cards (you don’t necessarily need to have both). Perhaps you don’t have time to knit them a scarf or a hat, which is fine—I’m pretty sure only moms and the occasional girlfriend or wife does that, anyway. For cold areas where it occasionally snows, consider creating a do-it-yourself kit for snowshoes; the supplies are relatively cheap, even though the idea is unique and would be highly appreciated. Alternately, if you’re on a time constraint, then more birthday gift ideas could be wool slippers or a soft, thick robe. This way, when it comes to the birthday cards, you could simply purchase a blank card to write in, granted you have time. On the other hand, if there’s no more time to be had, then you could cut off a piece of the wrapping paper in a rectangle, fold it in half, and write inside of that. Not only does it match, but it’s economical, too! Regardless of who you are or when you were born, there will always be more original birthday party ideas—the first step is determining what you’ve been interested in lately and your budget, and then just let the ideas flow.

written by Rebecca, birthday December 3rd

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